Must Do's

1. Pre-made Reports

Where to find useful CRM Reports to make the most of your data.

2. Building your Own Reports

The Report Builder allows you to create your own bespoke Reports within your CRM, which then can be saved and shared with other CRM users.

3. Filtering your Data

How to filter your data when building and analysing Reports in Prospect CRM.

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4. Summarising & Adding Grouping to your Report

A Summary will display a count of your chosen field at the top of the Report. Grouping will change the display of the Report and group the data based on your chosen field.

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5. Insights from the Account Manager Dashboard

Learn how the Account Manager Dashboard helps you to retain customers, look after them, upsell them and if necessary reactivate them!


Creating Custom Fields

Want to add custom information to your Reports? Take a look at how to add custom fields to your CRM here.

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What is Power BI & Do I Need It?

Understanding Power BI & deciding whether it's right for your business. Power BI is a business intelligence tool helping you take the next step in reporting.

Generating a PAT (Personal Access Token)

This article outlines how to create a Personal Access Token.

Connecting to Power BI

Using your PAT to connect Power BI to your Prospect CRM data.