Must Do's

1. Segmenting your Customers & Prospects

Maximise your average order value by segmenting your customers to help improve your marketing data.

2. Configure your Company Types

Company Types are used to categorise your records, such as; Prospect, Customer, Competitor, Supplier, Partner etc.

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3. Setting Account Managers

Learn how to set a CRM user as an Account Manager & then how to assign a Company to an Account Manager.

4. Configure your Industries

The Industry drop-down in Prospect helps classify businesses according to the type of industry/field they're in.

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5. Configure your Contact Roles

Contact Roles allow you to categorise people based on how you'd reference them e.g. Main Decision Maker, Main Buyer, Junior Buyer etc.

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Unleashed Two-Way Sync of Basic Company Info

Learn more about our two way sync of basic company information with Unleashed.

Display Unleashed Customer Type within Prospect CRM

Displaying Unleashed's Customer Type to help segment customers within the CRM.

Bulk Converting B2C & B2B Contacts

Learn how to bulk convert B2C to B2B Contacts and vice versa!

Identify B2C Customers Based on Unleashed Customer Type

Unleashed customers can auto-detect customer accounts that are B2C using Unleashed's Customer Type field.

Identify B2C Customers Based on Cin7 Omni Customer Group

Cin7 Omni customers can auto-detect customer accounts that are B2C using Cin7's Customer Group field.

Flag Customers as B2C based on Price Tier

This article outlines how to flag customers as B2C based on price tier.

Bulk Update via Excel

Bulk update your Contacts & Companies using Excel.

How to Bulk Update Account Managers

The quickest way to update multiple Account Managers at once is by using our bulk update tool.

Customising your Prospect CRM Interface

Need to change the label of a CRM field to help with segmenting your customers? Check out our Customiser to edit your CRM record layouts.

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Performing Bulk Updates

Save time by performing bulk updates from a CRM Report - useful when bulk-assigning Account Managers, Industries, Priorities etc.

Configure your Company Priorities

Configure you Company Priorities within the CRM to help identify your high, medium & low priority Customers or Prospects.

Creating Custom Fields

Want to add bespoke fields to your CRM to help better segment your customers? Use our Customiser to add custom fields.

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