Must Do's

1. Identify your Sales Model

Understanding how Prospect CRM can help support your sales model to grow your Wholesale, Distributor Manufacturing business.

2. Set up your Opportunity Pipelines

Opportunity Pipelines are essentially funnels or journeys which should depict your sales opportunity process. 

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3. Set up your Opportunity Types

Opportunity Types help categorise your Opportunities by what type of sale it is.

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4. Quote to Order Workflow

Make it smooth & effortless for customers to easily accept email quotations online and let customers place their orders while you sleep!

5. Set up your Quote Pipelines

Quote Pipelines should depict your typical quoting process, and the Statuses in the Pipeline should represent the different stages involved in this process.

6. Configuring Tax Rates for Cin7

For Cin7 customers you will need to setup Tax Rates to ensure correct Tax is applied to your customer's orders.


Enable Internal Order Notification Emails

Learn how to enable internal order notification emails, so your team get notified about new orders instantly!

Set Default Cin7 Core Sales Status and Sales Type for Orders

Learn how to set your default Cin7 Core (DEAR Inventory) Sales Status & Sales Type.

Enable Posting of Cin7 Core Salesperson

Learn how to enable the posting of Cin7 Core (DEAR Inventory) Sales Rep when confirming an order from Prospect CRM to DEAR Inventory.

Set up Manual or Automatic Delivery Charges

How to configure manual or automatic delivery charges within the CRM.

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Add Upsell Options

Increase average order values by configuring Upsell Options on your Products including Upgrade, Must Sell & Recommended items!

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Configure Opportunity Size & Margin

The Size & Margin features on an Opportunity, helping you record how big this potential sale is.

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Configure your Opportunity Sources

The Source features on all Opportunities in the CRM, helping you record where the sales Opportunity came from.

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Configure Opportunity Analysis

The purpose of the Analysis drop-down is to help categorise your Opportunities, in addition to the Opportunity Type drop-down, and improve reporting. 

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