Must Do's

1. Adding Users & Setting Permissions

Using the Admin Portal to add CRM users and manage user permissions.

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2. Taking More Orders Using RFM Analysis

Prospect's RFM Analysis needs no configuration and is ready to help you to identify your Champion customers, as well as those who should have ordered by now!

3. Check your Order Alerts

Find out now which of your customers should have order by now using our Order Alerts!


Enquiry Importer

Use our Bulk Enquiry Importer to import all your Enquiries.

Notes Importer

Use our Notes Importer to bulk import notes to the CRM Activity.

Setting Territory Restrictions

Learn how to set territory restrictions so that sales managers or sales teams can see their customers within Prospect CRM.

Set up Single Sign On

Single Sign On allows you to log into multiple applications using a single sign on account.

4 Scenarios for using Account Manger Restrictions

When you should be enabling CRM Account Manager Restrictions for your users.

Configure Account Manager Restrictions

How to restrict users to only be able to access the records of customers that they manage.

Data Importer

Use our new Data Import tool to import Prospects & additional Contacts into the CRM.